Styrian Hops from Slovenia

Styrian Hops from Slovenia

Houdy! We're Hoppris.
Hoppris d.o.o. was established in 1999 as a family owned company . Company’s main activity is Styrian hops production and hop trade.Our production on farm continuously dates from 1890.


Sebastjan Prislan

Depending on you production we can offer different packing and sizes.

The product range that we offer is:

HOP pellets typ 90

Regular Hop Pellets are natural hops that are physically converted into a more convenient form.The tightly compressed bales of hops are mechanically broken up and any foreign material is removed by physical and magnetic sorting. The hop cones are milled into powder which is then blended to insure consistency and uniformity of the hop pellets.The mixed hop powder is then pelletized in a pellet mill. The pellets are packaged according to the customer's specifications in sealed foil pouches. Stability Regular Hop Pellets preserve the brewing quality of hops. The foil barrier and the removal of oxygen in the hop pellet package greatly retard the degradations of alpha-acids and essential hop oils. Nevertheless, cold storage is recommended until the pellets are used in the brewery. Packing In foils of 5 kg till 20 kg, cartons of 20 kg or 40 kg, pallets of 480 kg to 600 kg .


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We enjoy producing some of the greatest Styrian hops varieties with passion to serve craft brewers all over the world.

Our mission is to supply brewers with high quality hop products from Slovenija . Following this, permanent care and stringent quality control is implemented so that hops quality is controlled through entire process. Beginning on the farm, with plant protection, harvesting, drying, baling and storage and further processing to hop products, until final delivery to customer.
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Hops in Bales RB 60

Form of Hop       
Hops in bales are pressed bales RB 60 or in Farmer bales.

Hops in bales are relatively unstable and susceptible to adverse environmental conditions such as high temperature and excessive moisture. The brewing resins are less susceptible to this degradation if bales are stored at cold temperatures (3 – 5°C).

Bales weight from 50 – 65 kg-


CO2 Extract is an extract of hops produced by extraction of hop pellets using carbon dioxide under liquid or supercritical conditions. It contains alpha-acids, beta-acids and essential oils and is normally used as a partial or complete replacement for kettle hops or hop pellets. It is an extremely stable, convenient and concentrated alternative to the use of hops or hop pellets.

Description: A golden to amber, semi-fluid syrup or paste
Alpha-acids: Variety specific; typically c. 35% for an aroma hop and >50% for a high alpha hop.
Beta-acids: Variety specific; normally in range 15 - 40%
Hop oils: Variety specific; typically 3-12%
Density: Typically 0.9 – 1.0 g/ml

CO2 Extract can be packaged in cans, pails and drums according to customer requirements: Cans: 0.5 to 4 kgs;. For convenience of use, customers may have their extract packed in cans to any desired content of á-acids per container (e.g. 400 g alpha per can).